The two questions a police commissioner tells his officers to ask every day

First published September 12, 2018

Part I of II. Read Part II Here.

The following is the first half of an interview with one of LEAP’s newest representatives, Commissioner Branville Bard. He spent the majority of the last 25 years with the Philadelphia Police Department and has gained attention for implementing crime reduction and police training programs. He was appointed Commissioner of the Cambridge Police Department in Massachusetts in 2017.

Monica Westfall: You are a big proponent of procedural justice, especially in solving problems with racial profiling. To me, procedural justice means showing common decency and compassion to other human beings by following established procedures and treating them fairly during an encounter; why do you think it has been slow to catch on and to be embraced as an effective solution to police-community relationship problems?

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Bard’s swearing-in ceremony. Source: 22-City View, Cambridge.
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