Press Release: LEAP Endorses the First Step Act

For Immediate Release: December 12, 2018
Contact: Mikayla Hellwich

Today, the Senate is reintroducing a revised version of bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation known as the First Step Act. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell revived the stalled bill after securing revisions and receiving pressure from the White House.

Below is a statement of endorsement from the Law Enforcement Action Partnership’s executive director and opinion pieces authored by LEAP experts in Louisiana and North Carolina who support the legislation.

“If anything gives me hope for the future of our justice system, it’s our bipartisan consensus on sentencing and corrections issues. We may not agree on every detail of how the justice system needs to be fixed, but law enforcement, advocates, and legislators of both parties are all in agreement that putting more people behind bars for longer sentences isn’t going to make us safer — it never has.” — Police Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), 34-year law enforcement veteran and executive director for LEAP

Louisiana must embrace criminal justice reform once again — David Brown, the Baton Rouge Advocate

I’m in law enforcement. We’re sending too many people to federal prison. — Bobby Kimbrough, The News and Observer (North Carolina)
The Law Enforcement Action Partnership
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